Trick or Treat


This post is a moodlifter, meatless munchies packaged up into a gooling treat for you hot, not so moody messes today. I love Halloween, the costumes, the parties and most importantly the TREATS! But the treats are what can get a girl into trouble. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth as I used to but I do like the occasional treat here and there and I tend to treat myself during the months of October, November and December ( oh the holiday season, what a mess it is for my hips)! But luckily there are yummy candies out there that are vegan and you can treat yourself without the guilt (but don’t go bonkers- remember moderation). Plus now you can fill your little goblins bags up with options that are kind to all, without giving out plain ole fruit…because let’s face it, that can be boring on a holiday that is all about the candy.

 Here are my fav’s but for a complete list check out VegNews’ Guide to Vegan Candy

Original Sour Patch Kids


Jolly Rancher Hard Candy

Dum Dum’s

Cracker Jacks Original Caramel Coated Popcorn and Peanuts

Charm Blow Pops

The moodlifter part of this post is to treat yourself today (in a kind way) and don’t stress yourself out about it.  Remember what it was like to be a kid. No stress, just wanted to have fun. So get dressed up in your most scarulious Halloween costume and go have some fun, you deserve it!


Hope everyone has a safe and scary Halloween.


All Messiness, Stacie