This list is bound to change and extend, but here are a few of our faves…



General: My Family, Bedtime, Valley Creek Church, Scheduling EVERYTHING, Driving ANYWHERE alone, Marketing my businesses (I get addicted!), A clean house, Good conversation with good friends, Photography

Food: Green Smoothies (yes, I’m hooked), Buffalo Wild Wings Black Bean Burger, Whole grain english muffins toasted and topped with almond butter and strawberries, Anything made by the immaculate baking company found near the canned cold biscuits and breads (OMG the cinnamon rolls are the bomb and better for your kids than most!), Garden burger from Red Robin, Chopping and stir frying colorful veggies and throwing them on a whole grain like quinoa, Amy’s organics dairy free black bean tamale (YUM YUM)

Exercise: I‘m kind of a loner when it comes to working out.  I like to work out early in the morning, by myself, watch whatever I have DVR’d, and jump on the elliptical or silent a workout video on my laptop.  I absolutely love Turbo Fire and you WILL see results, although it’s highly choreographed and you have to get used to that.  I like the Brook Burke workout because I sweat but I don’t feel like I’m getting the crap kicked out of me.  I also get majorly motivated by someone with 4 kids who looks like her!  I have the Jay Johnson boot camp videos and just started those, and I am definitely sore.  I love to run, and have done 2  half marathons, a 10K, and would love to get back into that.]

Fashion: I’m a mom, so cute AND comfy go hand and hand.  However, I LOVE my 3 1/2 inch black pumps from Banana Republic that I wear daily.  In fact, almost everything I wear to work comes from BR.  Holds up well, classic, tailored, and sizes come in petite, short, long.  I’m a sucker for a soft t-shirt and jeans… and I’m also a sucker for skinnies, tall boots, and a sweater.

Television: Revenge (LOVE!), The Bachelor (yeah, I know…), Project Runway (my absolute favorite), and any cooking competition.


white pants 1

General: My Fur Baby Gizmo, Fashion, Bubbly, “ME” time, spending times with Friends, reading, rainy days

Food: Obsessed with Daiya cheese- I think it’s better than the real thing; HUMMUS; black bean veggie burgers with sweet pototo fries ( every HOT MOODY MESS gal has to  splurge every now and again) , Green Juice, Rawnola Vanilla Bean Bar by earthling; green tea; tofu;lemon water; tomotoes; black beans; brown rice; whole grain coucous; TheVegan Berkley Pizza from Z’s Pizza- better than the real thing!

Exercise: Like Tawny I like to workout by myself most of the time. Running; Jay’s Boot Camp Videos; making up my own routine and it kicking my booty, LEGS LEGS LEGS- lunges, squats, good mornings- I do 200+ a day; Brooke Burke videos- they are on my Ipad and great way to take the workouts wherever you go without having to carry around DVD’s; YOGA

Fashion: few websites that I am obsessed with at the moment-;;; and

Television: Big Brother; All the Housewives series on Bravo- fav’s are OC, Jersey and Beverly Hills; Bachelor/Bachelorette; Sex and the City, Golden Girls ( yes I love them) Fashion Police on E; Drop Dead Diva; Nancy Grace