Are you in danger of becoming a HOT MOODY MESS?  

Early Warning Signs:  *Moody outbursts leaving your friends and family running for door. *Crying in a heap of clothes at the bottom of your closet daily. *Screaming profanities at your scale as you weigh yourself every hour. *Overall horrible attitude toward all things productive, including but not limited to cooking, cleaning, exercising, etc.  *Logging hours on the couch watching reality TV, yet the reality is  you have no time to push play on your Insanity DVD.  *Sticking a sucker in your kid’s mouth so you can get on the phone and complain about last night’s episode of “The Bachelor”. *Putting on your most haggard “I’m exhausted” look before your husband walks in, hoping he’ll feel sorry for you *Not being able to find the “one” and having everyone and anyone around you asking you the question “Why are you still single”?

 These are just a few signs and symptoms.   HOT MOODY MESSiness can present itself in many different ways, and can affect women, men, single, married, young, old, and everyone in between.  Early detection and treatment is critical. If you or someone you know is in danger of becoming a HOT MOODY MESS, enter our site for immediate relief  with tips, advice, and compassion from 2 gals who can totally relate.

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