Go With It!


Happy Good Mood Thursday!  Do you ever feel caught up in what you look like, your life looks like, your kids look like, your blog looks like, blah, blah, blah?  Halloween was the perfect reminder for me that no one REALLY cares what our &*$% looks like (at least not anyone who matters).  I should know… I wore a diaper over bright pink leggins all day yesterday, and half the people in Petsmart, the grocery store, my kid’s school, didn’t notice, and whoever did got a laugh or a smile.  But it really made me realize that we all need to let go.  I get nervous sometimes walking into a new place, even if it’s just to pay a bill or pick something up.  Why?  What’s the worst that could happen?  Some snotty girl working behind the counter could give me a dirty look or not answer my questions in a friendly way.  No, seriously, that’s about the worst that could happen.  So get over yourself, live, laugh, speak up, make some noise!  You live once… don’t be afraid to do it!