We believe that one of the very best MoodLifters is getting out of your own head and helping someone else!  For that reason, we have decided to pick our favorite charities and list them here so you can contribute to what you are passionate about.

Not So Fast:

Not So Fast

Probably the most creative, selfless organization we have come across is “Not So Fast”.  They are still working on their official charity website (which you can visit and donate to by clicking the image above), but you can learn so much about Shira, the creator of the charity and food blogger at:


You can also find FABULOUS, inexpensive, and usually very healthy recipes at:


We are so inspired Shira and her decision to stop shopping just to shop, eating just to eat, to start thinking about those going without, and put it all into perspective to come up with a solution that can make a BIG impact!  Please take the time to read her story, and we hope to have her visit Hot Moody Mess soon and write a guest post to tell more about her mission!  We have spoken with her more than once, and she has not only found a way to overcome her own Hot Moody Mess issues, but has helped so many people along the way!

Keep checking back as we add other charities we are passionate about!

All Messiness and Moodiness,

Stacie and Tawny