Is health coaching right for you?

Do you have a feeling that making nutritional changes would make a huge difference, but you don’t have the motivation, will  power, or knowledge about where to start?  Do you suspect that hormonal imbalance might be an issue for you?  Are you feeling “heavy”, bloated, tired, and suffering from the “blahs”?  Are you worried that you are looking and feeling older than you should be?  Do you feel like you have forgotten who you are?

If any of these questions strike a cord, health coaching just might be exactly what you need.  Still not sure?

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How do I get started?

Simply review our 3 seriously reasonable program options (which will be increasing in price in September).  Pick a plan that suits your needs, and tell yourself, “I am going to be open minded to the possibilities and give this program 100%”.  If you haven’t decided which coach is right for you, look over our bios (links at bottom of this page), then shoot us an email with your preference and set up your free consult.

What to expect during your program:

Each program differs slightly, but the concept is the same.  We spend time listening to you, getting to know your strengths and weaknesses, and helping you find answers and solutions that work for you (and that will stick!).  You will receive “calls to action”, or specific action items to begin incorporating to start seeing immediate results, helpful documents and exercises after each session, recipes, workouts, and our favorite health and wellness freebies.

*These programs include phone meetings, as well as unlimited e-mail support.  In-person meetings are available in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area.

*The 4 Week Quick Start and 90 Day Transformation include an initial phone or in-person consultation at no charge prior to committing.

4 Week Quick Start:  

Includes 1- 30 min. phone session per week, Healthy Freebies Delivered to your Door, unlimited e-mail support
Benefits: You are an immediate gratification kind of gal, and you need serious motivation and accountability.  You will receive 2 short sessions a week keeping you “all in”, encouraged, and inspired.  

Price: $149.00



90 Day Transformation:

Includes 4- 50 min. sessions (1 per week), 7 Day Detox E-Book, Healthy Freebies Delivered to your Door 
Benefits: This program is for those less afraid of commitment, and gives you more time to make those good habits stick.  We also meet once a week, but for a longer period of time.  It’s all about consulting with YOU to find out what YOU need specifically, and providing the information, encouragement, and tools to get you from A-Z.
In 4 weeks you can start improving and see some good changes, but in 90 days, you can transform your body and your life.

Price: $499.00



Personalized Quick Plan:

Not interested in a weekly or bi-weekly meeting?  This option includes an extensive 1.5 hour consultation, then you will receive a guide written specifically for you and your current challenges.  The guide will include recipe ideas, habits to implement, possible lifestyle/ diet changes to consider, workout options, and more.  Email us with questions or to get started.

Price: $199.00


You’ve decided on your plan and ready to get hot, but drop the moody mess!  Congrats!  Now decide which coach is right for you. Read each of our bio’s to see who you relate to (See “About Stacie” and “About Tawny”, and also “Meet Us”).  We are both so different, and we do this together so there is something for everyone.  You read our bio’s and still aren’t sure?  Just shoot us an e-mail and we will decide together.