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A Vegan Fashionista and a Veggie Lovin’ Mom

with a top notch education in nutrition come together to tackle all things that make you a Hot Moody Mess!

Who Are We? Stacie is a single professional with fab fashion sense, is into fitness, and a totally vegan diet. Tawny is a married mom of 3 who likes eats a plant based diet most of the time and believes in moderation. Between the two of us, we have seen it all, tried it all, and know how to help the everyday woman become happier, healthier, and HOTTER!

What is our mission? Being MOODY can be the result of poor nutrition, imbalanced hormones, food sensitivities or allergies, lack of sleep, etc… and sometimes they all go hand in hand. We are here to help walk you through those issues, both through our blog posts, but more importantly through 1 on 1 health coaching sessions. See our services page for more.

We are both serious about healthy eating, staying fit, looking good, getting rid of our demons, respecting the earth, and living the best lives we can live while we are here! We teamed up not only because we are friends, but because of our different places in life, we feel like there is a little something for everyone on our blog. Whether you are a health conscious parent who just wants to hear from another parent who gets how rewarding and how HARD it can be, or a single, career minded person interested in fitness, fashion, and just finding your best self, you have come to the right place!

Why book a health coaching consultation with one of us? First of all, you receive your initial consultation FREE! I am sure you all can relate to being a Hot Moody Mess at times, and our hope is to help each of you take the moody mess out of the equation, but keep the hot (or maybe add to it!). At one point or another, we have both experienced some low times. We both had unique childhoods that made us the cool, quirky people we are, but also left us insecure all the way into adulthood. We have both suffered through emotional, compulsive, binge eating that has left us miserable. On a lighter note, we have worried and stressed for weeks over what to wear to a party, and then felt so silly afterwards. We have wasted numerous hours on meaningless activity, while neglecting all of the important things in our lives. We have gone through so much to improve our own lives, and we have both received health coaching certifications through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the largest nutrition school in the United States, so that we can help women live happy, healthy, balanced lives.

Please check out our “Services” page for getting personal help eliminating your Hot Moody Messiness. Thanks for visiting!

Stacie and Tawny