Daily Moodlifter: Hot Mess?


We all have heard the phrase “Hot Mess”…..

used a time or two to describe someone or even yourself for various reasons.  We have all heard this phrase to describe certain celebrities… Miley Cyrus VMA Twerking performance ring a bell? That was a total Hot Mess moment for her (even though I think she thought it was great)  but Hot Mess doesn’t always mean “girl you have lost your mind” type of thing. Let’s face it most of us are not going to twerk and have a foam finger as a prop on a national stage, all of our “hot mess” moments happen on a much smaller scale with a more limited audience. ( thank goodness) Like I said, I don’t think HOT MESS necessarily means something negative… we all have little messy moments in our own personal daily lives and that is what makes us who we are… we should all own our HOT MESS!


Singled Out?

Being single and weeding out the losers can make a girl a hot mess fast. Favorite line from Sex and the City, from Charlotte “I’ve been dating since I was fifteen. I’m exhausted. Where is he?” Most of us single gals can relate to this quote. But looking at the single scene from a different perspective. It’s just as hard trying to find someone as it is letting go of someone… which leads us to the Hot Messy moments. Being in  a relationship that just isn’t working but keep going back and trying to make it fit cause you just can’t seem to let go. Trying to figure out how to be someone they miss, when they seem to be just fine without you. It completely sucks and leads you on an emotional rollercoaster, which boils down to being a hot mess. Embrace it moody heads!

Plus One to Maybe Three?

Mommy moments ( just ask Tawny) can make any mom a hot mess!  I don’t personally have kids but that doesn’t mean I am oblivious to what moms go through.  For instance,  took Channing and Jaxson on a movie date and trust me, I am not sure how Tawny does this every day. I love spending time with them and it was fun but it’s hard work and I needed a nap afterwards!  From getting drinks, to popcorn to finding our seats in the theatre to figuring out how to get Jaxson from using his outside voice to we are in a movie and you gotta be quiet voice. To popcorn spills to ” Stacie you know Jaxson is not allowed to have soda” thanks Channing for telling me after the fact he had already sucked down half the big gulp kinda cup(probably why he was talking so loud and couldn’t sit still)!  Hot Mess moment for sure….. But I understand when Tawny says ” Stacie I am just trying to get myself out the door”.


Even though Tawny and I are in different places in our lives, we do relate to each other and what we are going through. From her telling me about finding peace with her mess and me finding peace with my mess, we come together and our hot mess of moments are a little bit easier to deal with. Being single and trying to find Mr. Right vs. Mr. Right now  and going from Plus One to Plus Three are completely different stages but we can always relate to each other.

What’s the point of this Moodlifter?

Embrace your HOT MESS moments moody heads! It’s that simple. The phrase Hot Mess needs to mean more than catching up on your celebrity tabloid gossip to see who isn’t wearing underwear getting out of a limo with this phrase plastered on it. It’s what all of us ladies go through on a daily basis….whether it’s running late in the morning and you just can’t get your s@*t together, trying to get over someone, dealing with daily mommy duties, etc. Whatever it is, embrace these moments, learn from them and conquer them and hopefully along the way you learn something about yourself, which is ultimately the goal here.  Tawny and I put our messy moments out here everyday for you all to see what we go through in our own lives in hopes of helping you in yours. Entertaining, we sure hope so but overall we want to help each of you become the best you can be, every moody step of the way!

All Messiness and Moodiness,
Stacie and Tawny