Daily Moodlifter: Paranoia- Don’t Feed It


Just sayin’— I have been that person making the assumption someone is talking about me or upset with me because they wouldn’t make eye contact or smile when I walked up. I’ve been on the other end, too, totally unsuspecting that I had fed someone’s paranoia. Yes, we should be less psycho when it comes to social matters, but at the same time, take a second to smile at someone who’s new and feeling intimidated (OR- maybe even introduce yourself!!!); be patient with the friend who just walked in late and feels guilty already; give the person a break who has fallen behind on responsibilities because they’ve had a rough week or is lacking inspiration. We’ve all been there– we’ll all be there again! Let’s all take a 1st grade flashback and follow the golden rule— treat others as you would like to be treated. That’s all :)! Have a very Happy, Generous, Gracious, and ALWAYS HOT and HEALTHY Day!!!


All Messiness and Moodiness,

Stacie and Tawny

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