Daily Moodlifter: Jealous Much?


Jealousy can be a b*tch and can make you a Hot Moody Mess fast….comparrison

Do you find yourself wishing you were someone else, looked liked someone else etc? At one time or another WE have all been there… I mean we are only human for goodness sake. Looking at someone for inspiration is one thing but looking at someone and comparing yourself will only lead to a downward moody cycle. The gal you compare yourself too ( more than likely) has her own insecurities when it comes to certain things in her life too. So Moody Heads…stop the comparison cycle today! Jealous is a b*tch and when she flares her ugly head she will only leave you feeling like a Hot Mess.

So if you struggle with this, take a step back today  and jot down everything you have in your life that is good and jot down everything in your life that is new. You could be starting a new fitness regime, write down your goals and then write down what you have accomplished thus far. Seeing it in black and white will not only help bring your confidence back in you but it will give you a good measure of where you started and where you are now. So all you Hot Moody Messes, let’s stop comparing and start succeeding!

All Messiness and Moodiness,
Stacie and Tawny