Daily Moodlifter: Stick With IT


Monday’s are rough…

it’s hard to get back in the groove after the weekend but it can be especially tough if you’re on a new path of eating healthy or exercise routine. I hate to say the word diet – I have been on that yo-yo train so much so I am very weary of using that word, so I like to call it ” lifestyle” vs “diet”. Cause let’s be honest, you put yourself on a so-called “diet” which is extreme and then before you know it you go back to your old ways cause you put so many limitations on yourself and the way that you eat. So this moodlifter today is strictly to encourage, motivate and lift your mood/spirit. Maybe you just started out and are trying an all vegan diet, maybe you are limiting your animal product intake or heck you might just be trying to simply introduce more greens into your diet (baby steps, baby steps). Whatever the case, know that doing it in moderation vs. full throttle will help you make it a “lifestyle” vs. “diet” and that it takes time to see results. So don’t let those moody moments of ” I am never going to get there” get you down. Believe in yourself and eventually you will see the difference on the inside and out. Keep in mind, Hot Moody Mess is here to coach you through, give us 3 to 6 months and we will work together to help make these positive changes stick in your life. Check out our “services” page for more info!

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All Messiness and Moodiness,
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