Choco Pear Breakfast Porridge


First off- I really don’t like the word “porridge”.  It just sounds so “Three Bears” to me. But I really didn’t know how else to describe this 5 minute brekky that my kids devoured in seconds!  But honestly, this post is meant to motivate you to take things you have on hand and just make something… anything… a smoothie, a cookie, pasta, salad, or even porridge.

My ingredients “laying around” were pears!  Literally, they were laying all over my countertop (came fresh off my tree by the way), and every day they got a little softer.  I was running out of ideas.  I had already made crock pot pears with carmel sauce, and didn’t really have ingredients on hand for a quick and easy cobbler (see, I really won’t cook it unless it is easy), and nothing else really appealed to me.

But I did have pears.

And cacao nibs, which, if you don’t love the flavor, they’re hard to just munch on.  So I just decided to make, well, porridge.



1/4 cup of milk substitute (I used almond milk)

2 very ripe pears

1 banana

2 tbsp rolled oats (although my first choice would be oat groats soaked overnight)

2 tbsp. pumpkin seeds (or other raw seed or nut you have on hand)

1 tbsp. cacao nibs


Go easy on the milk…. you’d rather start with a tiny bit and add more if you need to.  The pears and banana are so soft, you don’t need a lot of liquid.  Mix all ingredients in the blender, and you will have a pudding type consistency.  It is pretty sweet, so give small portions, and top with fresh fruit, and granola if you have it.

Yields approximately 3 servings

Healthy breakfast, or total sweet tooth cure with way more nutrition than Blue Bell!