Daily MoodLifter: Hot and Healthy Technology Detox


I’ve found myself falling into the technology trap…. do you ever do that?  Checking your phone out of habit and boredom?  Escaping into FB, Instagram, or Pinterest?  Not accomplishing “XYZ” but conquering “Candy Crush”?  If so, then you my friend, are the perfect candidate for the Hot and Healthy Technology Detox.  Feel happier, feel freedom from the bondage that is your cell phone, and feel relief when you actually start accomplishing something during your day!


The “No Kiddo” Technology Detox:

You can really detox because there’s not a little one at school who is going to be calling you because she has a 103 temp. Here is what you do:

If you are at work and not supposed to be one your phone anyway, just silence it and vow only to LOOK at it during lunch and breaks.  This means you look at the screen to be sure you haven’t missed calls.  You don’t browse social networks, text for the fun of it, or play games.  Instead, you breath, eat your food slowly, take a walk, and take a TRUE BREAK.  Ahhhh, feeling so peaceful just thinking about it.  If you use your cell for work, vow to use it only for work.  Don’t try to make the stuff you want to do “work” if it’s really not.

At home, do the same thing.  If you are really feening, give yourself 10 minutes to browse your networks, but hold firm to that 10 minutes!  You can also return phone calls or call friends and family, but limit this to no more than a total of 1 hour during the day.  NO MATTER WHAT, put your phone away 1 hour before bedtime to get relaxed and in “sleepy mode”.  

Repeat for 3 Days!

The “I’m An On-Call Mom” Technology Detox:

If you work outside the home, follow the instructions above.  But, if it makes you feel more comfortable, glance at your phone once an hour to be sure you haven’t missed calls or texts from school or nanny.  Otherwise, try this.  If you are running errands that take less than an hour each, leave your phone in the car each time you go inside.  At home, start your day with a list of intentions, hold tight to the only glancing at your phone once an hour, and limit yourself to 1 hour on the phone daily.

Again, if you use your phone, laptop, or tablet for work, you have to do what you have to do.  But no games, limit social networks to 10 minutes a day, and phone calls to 1 hour a day.  Remember, no phone, no laptop, no tablet at least 1 hour before bed!

Repeat for 3 Days, and Let us know how you do.

All Messiness and Moodiness,

Tawny and Stacie

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