Daily Moodlifter: Above Anything Be Fabulous This Weekend


By the time Friday rolls around…

I am exhausted from the week that was full of meetings, workouts, work functions, shopping for clients and so much more.Ā  Just cause it’s the weekend, doesn’t mean I have anytime to rest (man I miss my 20’s). My weekends are usually packed with dinner dates with friends, lot of Hot Moody Messiness chats (not to mention moments) and everything imaginable in between. You too?

So remember this while you head into your weekend which will be filled with your own wonderful, hot moody messy chaos, take a little “ME” time. Whether it’s a hot bath, reading your favorite celeb magazine with a glass of bubbly,going to get a mani/pedi or catching up with a long-lost friend over the phone or at dinner. Just take time for you, relax and decompress. And whatever it is that will fill your weekend hours up, don’t forget to be your fabulous self. If you have to shuffle kids to one soccer game to the next, don’t just throw on that old t-shirt and shorts, take a little “me” time and put yourself together. And same goes to all us single gals that aren’t shuffling kids or taking care of hubby’s,if you are out and about throw on something that isn’t your workout clothes. You will feel better and you just never know who you may run into. Be you…Be Fabulous!

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All Messiness and Moodiness,
Stacie and Tawny