Daily MoodLifter: Our Healthy Little Secret


Since getting our health coaching certification, we’ll get messages and emails that ask what we know that they don’t.  Sometimes they are specific… about juicing, diet, workout, hormones, etc, but sometimes they don’t even know what to ask or where to start.


Honestly, there are SO MANY things I thought I was doing right before… like taking in so much more protein than I actually needed, not “eating too much fat” and buying skim, watered down milk and cheese, drinking diet coke, cutting out carbs, etc.

But I was truly more concerned with how I looked

than with anything else, and I was constantly fighting a battle within myself.

The one thing I’ve learned that has changed me more than anything else is that….

I have to be more concerned with how I feel.

That’s what makes changes stick.  When you eat a cleaner diet, drink your water, incorporate more greens, workout… you start to feel good.  Especially once you start getting into your 30’s and 40’s and realize that having energy isn’t always a given.  And then you notice how bad you feel when you don’t.  So make some changes and see how you really feel… how your mood improves, you confidence builds, your relationships evolve.

And yeah, when you’re looking all hot, that’s a big bonus!

All Messiness and Moodiness,

Stacie and Tawny

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