Daily MoodLifter: Change this ONE thing to reach your GOALS!


“Well, I just scarfed down 2 pieces of cake and a slice of pizza, so I guess I’ve blown my diet.  I’ll just start over next week.”

Is this your mindset?

This was the HARDEST habit for me to break.  The habit of thinking 1 bite might as well mean 20.  The habit of thinking I could only “start over on Monday”.  Little by little, that thought process becomes a person’s reality, which is silly because it’s SO NOT reality!


Sometimes I have clients say,

“I DREADED this call because I haven’t been following any of your recommendations!”.  We just beat ourselves up like little rag dolls.  And while all the media and attention on juicing, green smoothies, benefits of veggies, etc. is SO HEALTHY and SO MUCH better than the alternative, it can be intimidating.  It can make women feel like failures if they aren’t running marathons, eating a raw, vegan, or vegetarian diet, aren’t eating clean enough, and so on.

So Change Just This ONE Thing Today:

Eliminate this thought: “I’m not doing it good enough, so I’ll just give up until I can do it better.”  When a person is preparing to do something amazing, they TRAIN.  They PRACTICE.  Sometimes they FAIL, and then they get back up.  A marathon runner doesn’t skip training and show up race day to whiz through 26 miles.  Reaching health and wellness goals, making lifestyle changes, and creating good habits are no different.  It takes time, and the more you stop, start, and “give up until next week”, the longer it is going to take.

Here’s is an example:

You decided to eat a piece a cake (or 3).

What is NOT reality?  You blew it.

What IS reality?  You ate a piece of cake.  Big deal.

Now, get control of yourself and make your next meal something that will make you feel HEALTHY, HAPPY, and KEEP YOU MOVING TOWARD YOUR GOALS.

All Messiness and Moodiness,

Stacie and Tawny

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