Daily Moodlifter: Boost Your Mood AT Work


Sitting at a desk all day and looking at a computer screen can make you crazy. I don’t care if you are writing pages for Cosmo or running numbers for Wall Street, staring at a computer screen can become daunting for anyone, even if you love your job or not. Yes, you can go online (if your company doesn’t have surf control blockers in place) and check out your twitter, FB or read the latest Hot Moody Mess post (come on you know it’s your favorite) to bypass the time and take a mental break from whatever you are working on at the time. But guess what, you are still at your desk looking at your computer screen; phone is ringing and people coming at you from all angles. Well, that is how it is for me at least, so here are a few things that I do that helps me break away from all the chaos that I endure on a daily basis and helps refresh my mind and body so I don’t go all crazy on one of my co-workers, which probably is not a good idea, I don’t care what anybody says!

Take 10-15 minute break and get some fresh air.

I say leave all electronic devices at your desk and literally get up and walk outside and breathe in the fresh air.  Look around at whatever your surroundings are and take it all in and leave whatever stress you have at your desk. Do a couple of stretches to help the stress leave your body. Nature is always the best thing to help declutter your mind, take the sunshine in and breathe in and out and just BE.

Outside isn’t assessable?

No problem, still get up away from you office/cube and take a stroll down the hallway. Walking is the simplest form of exercise and any form of exercise whether it is light or hard-core brings endorphins through your body leaving you happy and revitalized. Take it one step further and do some stair exercises, yep you heard me right! Walk up to the highest floor and back down, do it once or however many times your heart desires, great way to get your heart-moving. Best part…you are burning calories and working your booty and legs, you go girl!

Go sit in your car and get-away just for a few minutes.

If it’s hot outside, make sure to start your car, I don’t want you passing out! I find this, on some occasions to work best, you know when I am having one of my many moody moments. I literally can break away from it all and lock myself in my own space and just be. Listen to your favorite couple of songs, sit in silence, read a few pages from your favorite book, trust me it works. My favorite go-to-songs that help me relax and recharge are anything Britney (yes, don’t judge me) Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert and Beyoncé!

happy day

All Messiness and Moodiness,
Stacie and Tawny