Daily Moodlifter: Waiting on Perfection


I can make myself crazy trying to be perfect… can you relate?

Having the perfect outfit for a certain event, waiting for the perfect time to start pursuing my dreams, right time to start the exercise program, healthy eating habits, etc. I know that I am not guaranteed tomorrow, only today but I tend to always put things off and in my head I tell myself ” let’s wait until this or that to do this, waiting  for the perfect condition”. Well guess what folks, there will NEVER be the perfect time, place or condition to start doing the things you want to in this life. We only have today, nothing else is promised to us. So I want to encourage you all to start doing the things you have been putting off. Whether it is losing weight, eating better, starting your own business, moving, getting out of a bad relationship, anything – start by writing down your goals and a plan to start achieving them. TODAY is your DAY- let’s all make it a fabulous one and start pursuing all the things we want… ditch the moody mess and keep the HOTTNESS!

All Messiness and Moodiness,
Stacie and Tawny