Daily MoodLifter: Why Would I…?


Does it ever both you that we can’t take time to relax, exercise, breathe, accomplish what matters, listen to our bodies… but we all have time to browse the web, answer every call and text that comes through, and watch reality TV as we basically wait for life to “happen” to us?

Let’s step away from the keyboard (after you read this post hee-hee), and start using our noggins.

Ask yourself these common sense questions to have a better day, and maybe even a better life:

1.) Why would I say I don’t have time to take care of myself when I take 10 minute breaks all day for social media?

2.) Why would I start each day with a big cup of coffee when I haven’t had water in over 8 hours?

3.) Why would I buy frozen packaged meals with “X” number of calories when I could eat REAL WHOLE FOOD and never have to count calories?

4.) Why would I think I need milk for calcium when the biggest boned animals in the world get all the calcium they need from leafy greens?  If I do choose to drink milk for nutritional value, why would I drink watered down glasses of skim milk (just drink water- it’s cheaper).

5.) Why would I get up and jump on my phone or computer when all I have to do is go jog for 20 minutes to jumpstart my day?

6.) Why would I avoid doing tasks that are going to cause me more pain to do them late?

7.) Why would I keep doing things over and over that are taking me further from my goals?

8.) Why would I constantly put “band-aids” on my problems, instead of taking the time to understand and fix them?

9.) Why would I be so skeptical of a new idea when I haven’t taken the time to try it myself?

10.) Why would I be critical of others when I still have so far to go?


All Moodiness and Messiness,

Tawny and Stacie

We are NEVER here to judge, and we all have our highs and lows in our journey of health and wellness. But we would love to help you find alternatives for things that might not be currently working  best for you.  Visit our services page for more.