Moody Free Traveling Tips


Ok Moody heads…traveling can make you a Hot Moody Mess for sure, especially if you don’t plan ahead. Here are few tips that will leave you Hot vs. a Hot Moody Mess the next time you hit the road for vacay or work.

Pack Your Blender…

Yep, you heard me. Leave a few pairs of shoes behind ( come on ladies you can do this) and make room for your blender. That way you can make your favorite smoothie in your room and it helps save some mula so you aren’t always eating out!  Which leads me to my next tip


Find A Grocery Store…

and stock up on veggies/fruits and other easy to eat food that you can keep in your hotel room, etc. That way you can make your favorite healthy snacks and will help the urge to reach for those high in fat/carbs free breakfast that most hotels offer

Protein and SuperFoods

To save time and money (again) put your protein powder and superfoods in plastic bags so that they fit nicely in your suitcase ( and don’t take up any room) and that way you don’t have to go on the hunt once you arrive to your destination.


Make Healthy Choices

During the day so at night you can have a nice dinner, guilt free. Nothing like enjoying a yummy meal after making good choices all day long and it helps those pesky pounds stay off your thighs!

Get Your Sweat On…

Best part of hotels is the fact that majority has some sort of gym. It might not be a LA fitness or Equinox but hey…it if has a treadmill and some weights you are all set. So get your booty in there and get your sweat on. If your hotel is lacking in the gym department hit the pavement (all cities have streets) so no excuses. Walk, run, skip, whatever just do something.  Another great tip, is download your favorite workout on your phone, Ipad or computer so you can get your sweat on in your hotel room. Our fav, is Brooke Burke Total Body workout. Great workout that hits every part of your body and the best part you can do it while watching TV.


All Messiness, Stacie