Daily MoodLifter: “Come and See”


Nothing makes me look more like a hot mess than going to church.  It never fails… halfway through the music and first prayer my mascara is smearing, snot is flying, and it’s all downhill from there.

But nothing makes me feel like anything BUT a hot mess than church.  After a stressful week, I finally feel grounded, humbled, inspired, but best of all, forgiven.

Listen, I’m the least “religious” person you’ll meet, and I am the last person to judge anyone based on their religion or beliefs.  And I realize that bringing this up might not be politically correct, but I wouldn’t feel right if every week I typed these moodlifters and I failed to mention God as the biggest moodlifter and inspiration in my life.

So here’s what inspired me today, and what I want to share with you.  Jesus tells us to “come and see”, and that’s such a great message for all areas of our lives.  No matter what journey you are on, whether it’s to be more faithful, to be more healthy, to be more family oriented, to save your marriage, to get out of debt, to be more successful at XYZ…. don’t be a skeptic always asking for the “proof” first or for “what it’s going to do for me”, or just being too lazy to put in the work to reap the rewards.  Take time to ask, listen, make good choices, and have faith that if you take action and follow the path that you know is right, you will see great things.  Sometimes it is just impossible to “preview” the results first, and if you are waiting for that, you might be waiting a really long time.