Daily MoodLifter: Live in COLOR


I speak from experience…

Color Makes a Difference!

For the past 2 years we have been living in a 1980’s BROWN house. BROWN BROWN BROWN. It just kind of blahs me out every time we drive up. So, the first thing I did was add some color to the kitchen (love my light and bright aqua cabinets and crisp white back-splash). It instantly cheers me up when I walk into the kitchen.


The next thing I did was buy a yellow lamp, a blue lamp, fun throw pillows, and hung tons of colorful family pics on the walls. Okay, we’re getting there. You can see more of my colorful updates at:


But right now, this very minute, we are REMODELING the rest of the house and PAINTING the exterior. Because I’m not trying to win the “average house award”, and because I know how much color improves my mood, I have found the perfect color scheme! I just know this will cheer me up every time I drive up.

turquoise door

Remodeling a little ambitious for you right now?

Here are some simple steps you can take to add color to your life, and improve your MOOD!

1.) Adding brightly colored fruit and veggies to the diet helps move you from a ‘beige’ plate to a more healthful one.
Splurge a little and eat real, brilliantly colored fruit and vegetables. From the deep reds of red peppers and cherries to the bright orange of cantaloupe, these bright colors suggest a powerhouse of nutrition hidden within just waiting to help protect and nourish your body.

Vegetable basket w fruit-02

2.) Your clothes are the same way. Don’t throw on black yoga pants and a faded tee to get your workout on. Try pink shorts, an orange t-shirt, and some fun tennis shoes! Automatic pick me up!

3.) Add color to your house in an inexpensive way: place-mats, throw pillows, lamps, rugs (overstock.com is GREAT for rugs). I also love TJ Maxx Home Goods!

4.) Pick up a brightly colored journal or day planner. This alone makes you want to write in it (please no BLACK or NAVY- yuck!).

5.) Pick up some fun headbands, wraps, etc. Throwing a little color around your head makes you look and feel happy and fun, even if the rest of your outfit is kinda plain! I picked up a few at Forever21.com for next to nothing! Perfect for “pool hair”!