Daily Moodlifter: Cut the *@!T Out


Ever catch yourself doing the same thing over and over, making the same mistakes and getting so moody cause you can’t seem to get your *@!T together? You tell yourself today is the day that I am going to:

Get more organized

Start that exercise program

Stop Binging and get control over this “food” thing

Start eating more veggies

Start that blog/business

Write a book

Create online dating profile

Stop shopping and start saving money

Stop obsessing and checking social media sites

but at the end of the day you find yourself doing sitting on your couch, drinking or eating your cares away and becoming a hot mess cause you just can’t get your *!@T together?

Well Moody Heads, today is your day. Stop sabotaging yourself and start doing. It’s all in our minds and trust me I have my days, just ask Tawny! So don’t beat yourself over a day…but don’t let that day carry over into weeks or months. If you have a binge problem, right before you feel the urge to go and inhale all the food in your pantry…stop and think about the feelings you are having and what is driving you towards the binge. If you are thinking about starting a blog, do it. Start small. Go onto word press and get yourself registered and then go from there. We look at our problems/issues on a larger scale, which can ultimately be our downfall. Instead of looking at the big picture, take little steps and eventually you will go from the Hot Mess on the couch to the Hot…not so moody mess accomplishing your goals and dreams one step at a time. Just gotta learn to

cut the s out

All Messiness,