Tips to prepare for the week, in order to keep you HOT vs a Hot Moody Mess


Planning out your week is something that we should all get in the habit of doing. I always stress to clients the importance of having a plan of some sort since it will help you stay on track, organized and helps alleviates those moody messy moments that we all can encounter while trying to make it through another week ahead. Here are my top tips that will keep have a moody-free week:

1. Plan when you are going to burn those calories. Whether you wake up in the morning, go during the day or after you get home from work, know when you are going to do this and put on your calendar and treat it like an actual appointment, meeting, etc. It’s your “me” time so treat it like you would treat anything else in your life, like a meeting, dr.appointment,  happy hour with the girls, etc. If you know when you are going to sweat it out, you will be more likely to follow through with it vs. just waking up and saying I’ll do it later.

2. Cook your rice and/or other whole grain(s) and place in small, single serving containers so that you can grab and go. Cooking rice, for instance, takes a little bit of time and that is the last thing I want to have to wait on when I get home at night from a long day. It makes life so much easier when you can just grill some veggies and throw over pre-cooked rice at nights.

3. Cut up fruits and veggies and place in sandwich sized ziplock baggies so that you have healthy snack options at your fingertips. You are more than likely to reach for fresh fruit/veggies when they are ready to eat vs. having to prepare on the spot…less temptation to grab processed junk food.


4. Juice your favorite green juice or smoothies for the week. Waking up and having to make juice in the morning can get old, trust me, plus time-consuming. I don’t know about you but I have a tight schedule to keep and don’t want to spend excess time in the kitchen… So juice your greens and place in mason jars so that they stay fresh and sealed for the week. I have found that I can juice on Sunday’s and my juice stays fresh for 6 days.

5. Do you spend lots of time in the morning stressing over what in the heck to wear for the day? Instead of becoming a hot mess in your closet each morning, try picking out your outfits for the work week ahead. I like to place my on a rolling clothes rack, that way I don’t even have to get in my closet …I just pick from what I pulled for the week. Pull things that you can mix and match for the week. Best part you can wake up in the morning knowing what you have to choose from. .Keep in mind your week and what you have going on, so that you know what outfits you will need. If thinking about this makes you a little stressed, then take time each night to figure out what you are going to wear the next day. This will lead to moody-free mornings plus will help from destroying your closet in the morning ladies!

clothes rack

6. Make sure to use a calendar. If it’s on your phone or old school ( my personal fav) keep track of what you have going on. If you don’t have a some sort of system in place to keep track of your daily schedule, you will forget things and that my dear will make you a Hot Mess and probably a little mortified for forgetting something or someone! Eeeeek! I personally use my phone and a written calendar from May Designs. Check them out, they are eco-friendly and you can design your own!

7. Start each day by clearing your head and writing it down in a thing we like to call Moody-Free Mornings. First thing upon waking is grab a notepad/pen ( kept by your bed) and start writing. There are not rules here, you just write what is going through your mind. This helps uncover things that you might not even know that is going on with you plus starts to uncover your creative side.

morning pages

Don’t feel overwhelmed… choose a few ( maybe one of these) and start incorporating them in your life. Maybe start one next Sunday and then gradually add to them as the weeks go by. These are here to help keep you from becoming a  moody-mess not to cause you to be one, so don’t try to do them all at once. Go at your own pace.