Daily MoodLifter: Live Out Loud


As he often does, Maddox inspired my Moodlifter today. My fam attempted to sit through a movie Friday night, and the little guy made it about halfway through until he was D-O-N-E!! So he and I walked across the street to the fountains where the kids frolic around getting sopping wet in either swimsuits or their clothes. He was not getting it… Why the heck was water shooting out of the ground, and more importantly, why were these kids getting all wet at 9:30pm in the middle of a shopping center. He watched, tip toed close to the water, then came back to me, clinging to my leg. This went on for a while until suddenly, he let go of his inhibitions, started running through the water, screeching, screaming and giggling. He was drenched so I thought “what the heck”, and stripped him down to his diaper. He had a blast. Of course we had no spare clothes and my husband probably thought I was crazy, but we simply dried him off with his blankie, wrapped my button up shirt I was wearing to stay warm during the movie around him, and we all headed home.

The point is, look at how his entire attitude changed when he just quit worrying, let himself go, and lived out loud. It’s the same for grown ups, you know! Have fun, act young, be silly… You might be surprised at what a strong anti-ager that turns out to be!!

All Moodiness,