Who Says Vegan Fashion isn’t Fun, Trendy and Stylish?


When I went vegan 2 ½ years ago, I never knew how that would affect all areas of my life. When I first decided to dive into the vegan world, I didn’t do it gradually, I went cold turkey (maybe a strange way to put it) one day I was loading my bean burritos up with cheese and sour cream and the next I was loading them up with Daiya cheese and non-dairy sour cream. There was nothing gradual about the way I entered the world of veganism!  But when I first started my journey, I had NO idea how just cutting out my meat and dairy products would trickle down to the others areas of my life. Let’s be honest, I LOVE fashion so if you would have told me 2 ½ years ago that this journey would lead me to cutting ALL leather/animal products from my life, I would have looked at you and said “ Not going to happen, I will NEVER give up my red sole shoes”. Well never say never and here we are, over the past couple of months, I have started to de-clutter my closet and let go of objects that at the time I thought I could never live without and that were staples to announcing to the world ” Here I am, I have made it”!  But now I know that I can slowly and surely let these items go but that doesn’t mean that being a vegan you can’t still can’t have style.

My passion in life is helping others live a healthy life by introducing them into the vegan world by the food they eat and the clothes they wear.  I have always been a fashionista since I was a child but now I love being able to show gals that you can still be trendy yet show compassion for the animals.  Let’s be serious, animals aren’t fabric or food and once you make that connection, you will be forever changed.  It’s a slow process and everyone has their stages to go through I am still a work in progress but I do love when I am rocking one of my favorite “vegan leather” pieces and people are in disbelief that it isn’t real. So yes, Fashion and veganism work, you don’t have to lose your style or wear boring clothes by showing compassion and being kind to all living creatures.

Here are a few of my go-to places that have AH-MAZING vegan options for those who are looking to de-clutter your life or maybe you are just wanting some awesome , cruelty free, pieces to add into your already animal free, fabulous closet! Shopping should never make you a Hot Moody Mess and when you are new to the vegan lifestyle or maybe just trying to do your part where you can, knowing what is vegan and what isn’t can make anyone a Hot Mess.

  1. Free People: have a vegan leather line, from pants, to jackets, to shorts to shoes. Got these amazing shorts in both black and cherry, they are pretty great and haven’t EVEN worn them yet as you can tell with the tags still attached! But good news is that they are on sale at ShopBop!shorts
  2. ASOS:  they have lots of vegan leather and clothes, but make sure to read description before purchase to make sure it’s vegan and they have a price point for every gals budget. I just scooped this skirt up for myself, so fun for the office or for a night out!asos
  3. LULU’s: Great selection of trendy vegan shoes, clothes and purses that won’t break the bank. Here is a fun, bold wedge just in  time for summer! Great for all your summer time maxis!wedge
  4. Mod Cloth: This retro fun site is great, they have stylish picks for any budget. I have this dress and I love it cause it’s so versatile. you can wear it out on the town for a night out ( the back ultra sexy) and then the next day throw a fun blazer (try a floral one) to wear to the office!modcloth
  5. Gunas: Great designer handbags. Price point is medium to high but great quality. They are having a sale right now as well….My favorite…gunas
  6. Stella McCartney: bags and shoes that are couture to say the very least. These bags have a designer price tag but are simply fabulous. I have my eye on this gem…SWOON!stella

Happy Shopping Veganista’s