Tips on a Mood-Free, Mess-Less Summer


Vacation, Swimsuits and Kids…Oh My!

Does summer make you moody? Whether it’s cause you dread putting on that swimsuit for the rocking pool party you have been invited to or just the simple fact that summer = less clothes ( goodbye to bulky heavy clothes and hello to shorts, tanks and bikinis). Maybe it’s the summer vacation/traveling that makes you moody or it could be the fact that you find yourself wanting to pull your hair out cause your kids are out of school and now you are having to adjust your time accordinly for work, projects (basically you are just trying to find “me” time) and get a routine down (again) that works for you and your kiddos! ~Hey, I might not have kids myself but Hello.. my best friend does and I get it~

So what’s a girl to do? Well for starters, don’t let any of this get you moody! There is plenty of time for you to start making some postivite, easy changes in your life that will help alliveate some of these “moody” moments.

1. SWIMSUITS and other summer attire- Don’t let the word or thought of putting on a swimsuit freak you out. Ok, so maybe you haven’t been eating the best lately or hitting the workouts as much as you should… it’s ok! But making little changes in your daily life will set you up to feel confident in whatever you are rocking this summer! But start doing something today…don’t wait until the week of your event to start busting your booty into gear. Remember ” If you stay ready, you won’t have to get ready” best quote there is and I live by this! So get out of the house today and go for a nice walk/run or if you want to beat the heat, stay indoors and do a few exercises in front of the tv. My favorites include: Squats, lunches, good mornings (all great for awesome legs) ab twist, crunchies, scissor kicks (for toned abs) and bicep curls, tricep kick-backs, shoulder lifts (for sculpted arms).

 stacie sail

2. Traveling- Summer vacations are great, you get to get away for a little bit and have a nice break…but traveling can make you a bit moody. Not having your daily foods accesible to you or drinking a little bit more than what you normally do and not working out, mood city here we come! But plan ahead. When I travel, I pack my favorite vegan bars in my suitcase so that I have something to eat if I get in a pinch and can’t find anything healthy or vegan friendly to eat. I also back travel size hummus and organic veggies and fruit as well. Yes, you may have to leave a pair of shoes behind to make room for all of this but it is well worth it when you can reach for something that is healthy while away. Don’t forget the sunscreen and your fave magazines!


3. Adjusting your schedule: So the kids are out of school and you find yourself a moody mess trying to entertain them plus still do your normal daily tasks/work that you need to get done. Get your kids involved in some summer activites, camps are always great. Maybe get with other moms and make plans for you guys to alternate taking the kids for the afternoon- like once a week. This is a win-win cause you are each getting an afternoon off every other week- maybe more depending on what you work out. Get creative, Tawny took a rainy day, where the kids were couped up and came up with a fun project that entertained the kiddos for a while…using old socks…Smart! Look for more ways to entertain your kiddos and keep your sanity in Hey Mama!