Daily Moodlifter: Moody Mess Monday?


Happy Monday All You Hot Moody Messes! Monday’s are always tough to get back into the groove of your daily schedules, especially if over the weekend (summer pool parties are in full force) you over indulged in all things that probably weren’t the best for you…pretty much looked like this…hopefully minus the cigs….


Picture Courtsey: Here

So, you got a little crazy over the weekend and lost all self-control and don’t even want to think about what you drank or heck more importantly what you ate after the party was over! Eeeeek!! I am sure your head and body are feeling it but hey you had a good time, that’s what the weekends are for! So even though you might not have made the best choices over the weekend, don’t let it ruin your week. Make the decision to detox from your party filled weekend today with the following tips:

1. Drink your H2O, minus the vodka 🙂 Get hydrated, add in your favorite fruit for a nice summer refresher

2. Start your day off with hot water and lemon. This will help get your digestive system flowing plus it will help get the detox plan in motion.

3. Get Moving- Do at least 30 minutes of your favorite booty busting cardio after you drink your hot lemon water. Do it in the morning so you get your body moving and the calories burning. Doing cardio in the morning will set you up to have a productive day and less chance of you making poor choices…cause we all know after a fun-filled weekend, we want food that isn’t the healthiest.

4. Green Juice or Smoothies: Cheers….drink up! Make sure you either drink or eat your veggies today… Make sure there’s Kale, Spinach and for a little added pop…Maca Powder….they are Super Foods for a reason!