Are You a MBB (Mom Behaving Badly)??!!



We all fall into the MBB trap occasionally.  There are obviously different levels of MB-Badness… yes, I have seen some EXTREME cases.  But today, for the sake of keeping it somewhat classy, we’ll stick to the basic, milder behavior issues.

1.) Mom’s treating themselves badly:

-Looking at yourself in the mirror while saying or thinking, “Wow, what a fatty!” or “Geez you LOSER, couldn’t you have passed on that third bowl of Blue Bell??!!” or “OMG I’m never having sex with the lights on AGAIN!!!”.

-Going through your closet and thinking: “I would wear that if my legs weren’t so lumpy!” or “I would wear that if I didn’t have a muffin top!” or “I would wear that if my arms didn’t wave back at me.”  Yeah, you know you’ve been there.

-Treating your body like a jumbo balloon by deflating and inflating it with all of your crash diets and binges.

-Stuffing yourself with whatever junk food you can shove in your mouth when you start feeling like a stressed out maniac at 4:00pm.  Then you’re even more of a maniac because your pants suddenly got a lot tighter in just 10 minutes (not to mention that you are even more exhausted and irritable then you were before you starting pouring those bowls of Corn Pops).

2.) Moms treating their kids badly:

-Looking at Facebook every 5 minutes, then yelling at your kids because it’s all their fault you didn’t get the laundry done (duh!).

-Yik-yaking on the phone for 1 hour while you hand your kids suckers and packages of animal crackers so they’ll keep their mouths shut long enough for you to gossip about that other mom who shows up at school barely wearing any clothes.

-Repeating commands in a shrill, frantic voice like “put your shoes on, put your shoes on, OMG PUT YOUR SHOES ON” instead of saying it calmly and directly and teaching them to obey the first time (why is this so hard for moms?  I totally relate!).

3.) Moms treating their spouse badly:

– Shrugging away from their hug or squeeze because, are you kidding, why would they touch you THERE?!!!  Don’t they know that’s your fattest trouble spot!??

-Going to bed without a shower to limit the chances he will want to fool around.  It’s easier to hide those 5 or 10 extra lbs when you’re sleeping.

-Not asking for what you want or need, then blowing up because he just didn’t know.


If you relate to even just a few of these, a little organization, motivation, and “crowding out” some bad stuff with some good stuff could be just what you need.  Keep following our blog for daily moodlifters (to keep it positive), simple and healthy recipes (to keep you feeling good and stress-free), fashion and fitness (to keep your feeling hot and confident), and more.  Also, check out my ultimate Summer Survival Guide to get a grip on summer madness (Click the image).


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