“I just keep looking forward… I have to let all the rejection fall off to the side and keep looking straight ahead”.

I have both my personal story, as well as someone’s I just met about this subject.  I hope you have time to check them out on this busy friday!

I had a lunch meeting not long ago and I was so inspired by this woman, and I was feeling  pretty uninspired beforehand.  She has joined  a network marketing team, has only been doing it 9 months, is making great income, and just won a family trip to Disney World.  If you’ve never done network marketing, that’s not easy to do, and I was impressed by her success (not that it inspired me to actually get back into network marketing).  The above quote is what she says her secret is.  It just made me think about how we can get so bogged down by the naysayers, the people who don’t “get” our vision, and even the voices in our own heads.  In network marketing, there is A LOT of rejection.

It reminded me of when Stacie and I created Hot Moody Mess last year.  She laughed at me because I was so afraid to put myself out there because I knew there would be people that would say, “My gosh!  How many businesses is she going to have?” (and there were those people)!  I had been running a pretty busy photography business, had done real estate in the past, and was also in the process of getting www.paying4referrals.com up and running (still a work in progress).  But the truth of the matter is, I am just the kind of person that will keep searching and trying new things until I find the right fit, which is what health coaching/ Hot Moody Mess is for me… the perfect fit and my passion.  I just have to believe in that, keep looking forward, and don’t let my worries about rejection, what other people think, or the risk involved in putting myself out there hold me back.

I was listening to one of my nutrition classes that night after I had all of these thoughts, and it was about the exact same thing.  Andrea Beaman, a holistic health coach, was talking about all the times her books and ideas were rejected.  It was A LOT.  And now, 4 books later, a thriving business with products and services, hosting an award nominated show Fed Up, and being featured on Top Chef, and she has so much more on the horizon.  Her secret is the same… keep moving forward on the journey you have been called to make.  Listen to the first voice in your head… the one that keeps telling you what you’re called to do, but ingore that second voice that tells you why it won’t work.  There will always be the second voice… you have to learn to ignore that voice!

So my moodlifter today is to never be discouraged by rejection if you feel passionate about something… keep looking forward and let that rejection fall right off to the side.