Daily Moodlifter: Need A Little Pick-Me-Up?


I think this is a genius idea. You know the days you are just feeling down and non motivated, moody mess like? Well try this fast pick me up that is sure to leave a smile on your face.

Get a mason jar and fill it with motivational, inspirational thoughts. Go one step further ask your friends, significant other and family members to write positive notes about you. Throw them all in the jar and on the days you aren’t feeling like the hot person you are, reach for a note and read it. I have done this and it truly helps. Try it and see the moody negative thoughts leave your mind/body and the positive words of encouragement help soothe your mind/soul and get you back on track fast.


All Messiness, Stacie

Remember that being healthy isn’t just about the food you eat or the amount of calories you burn at the gym. Having all of your primary foods (example: relationships, work/life balance, spiritual etc.) are just as important. Ask Hot Moody Mess about health coaching, it’s what we do. For more information, check out our “services” tab or email us at contact@hotmoodymess.org.