Daily MoodLifter: Look Better NOW


This post is all about instant gratification!!! That’s what we all want. It wouldn’t be very moodlifting if I said, “eat clean for 7 days and your skin will look great!”, if you just scarfed down a bag of Doritos last night. It wouldn’t be very inspiring if I said, “get 8 hours of sleep and you’ll look like a new person”, if you slept 4 hours last night!!

So here are a few tricks to get you looking better today.


1.) Let’s go ahead and beat this dead horse, but drink your H20!!! First thing! Go do it! What are you waiting for? Being hydrated not only makes you feel better, but look better, too!

2. Don’t overdo the coffee.  It might give you more energy for about 5 min, but too much coffee equals dehydration, and dehydration equals dry and tired skin.
3.) No time for hair? Give yourself a messy bun or top knot. Stacie is the queen of this look (look for her sock bun post)… I’m just the queen of messy! Here is another easy step by step I found: http://www.runningonhappiness.com/2011/09/how-to-top-knot.html

4.) Concealer, concealer, concealer. It’s not just for blemishes and under eyes. Try putting a yellow based concealer a shade or 2 lighter than your skin on the inner corners of your eyes to brighten up, and in the “ruddy”, reddish “under-areas”… under eyes, under nose, under bottom lip. Be sure to blend and add a dusting of powder or apply foundation so your concealer isn’t obvious. Here is video with some tips: http://youtu.be/CUEtCNrhBeY
5.) Exfoliate! Use what you have… I’m a fan of the Mary Kay microdermabrasion, but use a wash cloth is that’s all you have. Sluff off that dry skin to look a little more glowy NOW. And while you’re at it, pick up a body brush you can use wet or dry. Scrub yourself down from head to toe… Instantly softer, smoother skin!

6.) Get DRESSED, and put on some color! Pay no attention to my low quality, impromptu photo-shoot, but I chose this pic because I DID NOT feel like getting dressed, but I felt much more confident going through the day feeling “put together”.

7.) Go ahead and load up on mascara. Don’t overdo eyeliner and eyeshadow, which can smudge and make you look more tired. But well applied mascara makes your eyes look bigger and wider… Use 2 coats. Just don’t get gloppy. If your eyes are red, remember a few eyedrops.


I hope something here inspired you to get yourself gussied up today! And if you need help getting dressed, finding your personal style, and/or choosing what to buy, contact the other half of Hot Moody Mess, Stacie@jonesystylewellness.com.

All Moodiness,