I’m not writing this post because I’m a fashionista (I’ll leave that to Stacie), but I do feel SO MUCH BETTER when I just GET DRESSED.  You will see me with yoga pants and hair twisted in a messy knot a lot (but hey- I will also have on concealer and lipgloss!) however, more and more I find the power of putting on an actual outfit.  Here and there I will post an idea for putting together something you might already have, or picking up inexpensive pieces that are ideal for looking good and chasing kids all at the same time!  And for shoes, wedges are just a little easier for playtime than heels, and I would highly suggest investing in a pair of nude wedges or heels to pull any look together.

I usually like more color, but today’s simple top and skinny jeans feel perfect for a day volunteering at the book fair and catching up on e-mails.  I found this top at Kohls for under $20.00, and I like how crisp and clean it is with a worn pair of MissMe jeans.


This is the same type look only dressier with navy skinnies and yellow tunic top from Banana Republic.  I wore this to church, then turned around and wore it to work the next day (shhhh)!


And again, the same kind of thing with a sleeveless color block top from Kohls, American Eagle jeans, and my favorite black wedges from none other than Target.  This is my favorite daytime weekend look, perfect for a day at the ballpark!


All Moodiness,