Daily MoodLifter: Take a Time Out


“Your children are a reflection of you.” Oh BLEEP, I heard that in a class and wanted to crawl underneath my table. Of course their sporadic energy, outrageous personalities, and wild ways come directly from me and Paxton, but I tend to block that out. While I don’t want to stifle them, I do want to teach them to quiet their mouths and minds and just “be”, because that is skill so rarely mastered these days.

Time out is not just for punishment, or just for children for that matter. The next time the air is tense you are about to go ape $&@? on someone, take a little time out. Put your hand on your heart, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and count to 10. If you are with your kids or husband, ask them to join you (yes, they will think you’ve gone nuts at first… but they’ll get it). You’ll be amazed at what 10 seconds can do!

All Moodiness,