Meet Up with T&S: Your Best Friend Has Kids


I know we are not the only pair of besties who are in totally different life stages.  I have a hubby and 3 kids, and Stacie is my fun, single, fashion forward gal pal.


So how have we remained best friends for almost 13 years?  Well, I can tell you it’s not always easy.  We’ve had distance between us with moves, life changes, and the normal stuff that comes your way.  But we have made it work, and we wanted to share our story with you.

What was your first impression of your BFF?

Tawny: Um, I’m not sure I should answer that…. Stacie remembers it a lot differently than I do!  Let’s just say her impression of me was not all that favorable.  I guess I was a little bit of an “alpha female” working at Gold’s Gym, and may have come across a little territorial.  I thought Stacie was so quiet at first, took a while to get her to open up.  But once she did, OMG was she funny.

Stacie: Haha…oh yes… When we first met I thought “who does this girl think she is?”.  She wasn’t the friendliest, but once we started working together and then became roomies…the rest was history!

What was it like to have one of you getting married, and one still living the single life?

Tawny: Stacie has always been there for me during my milestones, and it is hard, because we can’t always relate.  But we really do try.  Sometimes we talk and it’s all about me (my kids, my husband, my STRESS), and I remember that she lets me vent, so the next time it can be all about her.  We go back and forth, keeping one another grounded.  By the way, this picture looks NOTHING like me now… time flies by (sigh).

Stacie: Well it can be hard, of course. I mean you seeing your best friend doing things that you want in your life and then seeing that you’re no where close. Tawny has been there through all of my dysfunctional relationships, she has seen the good, the bad and the ugly ( so has her hubby), but she is always there helping me through whatever a$$%^&* I have attracted has put me through, and even though she isn’t in the dating world, she still gives me such great advice. Some that I take and some that I don’t…and when I don’t take her advice, I usually end up kicking myself cause she knows me so well and the “type” of guy that I typically date. (deep sigh)


Is there ever jealousy?

Tawny: I’d say yes.  If I said no, it would probably be a lie.  But we always remind each other that the grass isn’t always greener.  I love my life and my family, but there are times I wish I were more confident in what to wear, where to go, how to pose for a picture, had the ability to lounge around on the sofa on Saturday watching reality TV!  We HAVE to keep envy in check, because that is the one thing that can definitely tear apart a relationship.

Stacie: Oh for sure, like Tawny said we would be liars if we said no. I don’t care who you are, what you have, etc. jealousy is human nature…it’s just when you let it consume you is when you need to do some self-searching. I am very envious of what Tawny has with Paxton, they are the perfect couple. I am waiting to find the guy who is strong enough to catch me and have what Tawny has with Paxton….you don’t see a lot of relationships, like they have, these days.

Do you spend time together with the family?  

Tawny: We live almost 45 minutes apart, so we don’t get together every week or anything, but we try to hang out when we can, and if that means Stacie hanging with my hubby and kids, that what we do.  Stacie also takes my kids for fun outings (and they think she is super cool and much younger than me 🙂 ), but I’ll let her tell you about that.

Stacie: YES! I love hanging out with Tawny and the fam. I love her kids and love spending time with them. I have taken Channing out just us to get her nails done and then have taken them to the movies, so fun little kid dates here and there. Hanging out with Tawny and Paxton is always fun, never a dull moment. We all basically lived together in college, so we have some history and did I mention that they are crazy fun?


Why did you guys decide to work together?

Tawny: Everyone says, “Don’t work with friends or family”.  I really do believe that to be true most of the time.  The difference with me and Stac is that we can be TOTALLY HONEST with one another when we aren’t happy, things feel imbalanced, or we are just having a bad day.  We’re pretty good at walking each other through it, which is how we treat our professional partnership.  It’s hard work getting a business up and running, so you have to be able to lean on one another.  The fact that we are both so into health, but are moody messes half the time, as well as the fact that we decided to get our health coaching certifications at the same time, all led to Hot Moody Mess.

Stacie: Gosh, since I can remember, we have always said ” we need to write a book together” or “open up a restaurant or store together” so the ambition has always been there, but we just needed to find the right thing tha complimented both of us…and well let’s face it, we are both Moody Messes and really into health, so this is the right fit and I wouldn’t want to be on this journey with anyone else. I feel that BIG things are in store for us and I am so happy to be on this adventure with the one person that knows be, probably better than I know myself…at times!

What is the one piece advice you would give to best friends in the same situation?

Tawny: Don’t be a taker.  It can be all about you, sometimes.  But you have to be willing and able to let it be all about her, too.  If you both do this, your relationship will maintain its balance.

Stacie: Being the single one can be very hard at times, especially with a dating record such as mine, so just remember to not judge, try to relate and just be there for her to vent to etc.

All Moodiness,