Daily MoodLifter: Chilly Weather = Second Chance


So, it’s the week after Easter, there is A LOT of candy laying around, you are feeling a little sluggish, and it’s COLD AND CLOUDY in most of the country right now.  Sounds like the perfect week to hunker down in some sweats and just let it all go.

OR… you could think of it like this:

You just got a “Do-Over”!  Yes, it’s cold, so you get the chance to live a few more days in sweaters, jeans, leggings, or yoga pants.  No shorts, sleeveless tops, or swimsuits this week.  This weather is not making me depressed, it’s making me feel like I get a freebie after chowing down on holiday goodies all weekend.  So here’s how to take advantage of this fantastic gift:

1.) Make it count.  Take these few days to jumpstart clean, healthy eating.  Drink water ALL DAY.  I cannot stress this enough.  Eat a veggie at every meal.  And, if you are trying to shed a few pounds, cut way back on dinner, or skip it all together for a night or two if you’re not starving. Mild fasting/ detox never hurt anyone.  If your digestion seems a little sluggish, invest in a 7 day detox from a health or whole foods store.


2.) Wear it while you can.  Don’t just slouch around in worn out sweats and a stained tee.  Throw on your favorite warm, yet comfy clothes.  You are running out of time to wear them, so do it now.  I love this white fuzzy jacket, so I wore it during the last cold front, and today I had to get one more wear out of my bright yellow oversize sweater and black leggings with my favorite leather boots.  Nothing over the top… but at least I’m “dressed”.


3.) Do something “wintery”.  Drink coffee or hot tea in the middle of the afternoon.  Cozy up with the family and watch a movie tonight.  Spend an hour soaking in a hot tub with a glass of wine.  Relax, shut out the voices, and “reset” your mind.

All Moodiness,