Daily Moodlifter: Toxic Habits



I just love this song and it’s a song that I think lots of us can relate to…. having our own “toxic” things in our lives. Of course it might not be dating a guy (like in the song) that is no good for you but you just can’t seem to resist him (hello welcome to my world) but it could be more along the lines of being addicted to sugar or carbs and having that urge every day to give in to temptation or it could even be popping those “feel good pills” cause you know your day will be a little better with them or you will sleep better. Whatever it is, we all have something that we do that may not be the best thing for us physically, mentally or even financially but we keep doing these intoxicating things cause we become addicted to the quick fixes (feel good pills) or just one bite (which normally leads to eating the entire bag of cookies) type things in our lives.

So today, I challenge you to acknowledge the toxic battle you’re fighting and figure out an attack plan. Let’s take for example, being addicted to sugar; it’s a big one that Tawny and I hear a lot from clients. Sugar is so sweet but man is it mean. You get one bite and it’s like your body reacts and the next thing you know you have eaten an entire box of _______ (you fill in the blank with your favorite treat)! Let’s face it, quieting something cold turkey doesn’t really work for everyone and most of the time when you do stop something cold turkey chances are you will slip right back into old habits when the newness of it all wears off. So why not gradually stop and do it right the first time? Start by taking tiny  steps such as:

  1. Throwing out ALL junk food in your place, eliminate the toxic addiction
  2. Keep a food journal: By writing down what you eat, when you eat it will help you figure out not only one, what you are eating but also why you gravitate towards certain food during certain times.
  3. Eat more fruit: Fruit is a great substitute for when you have sugar cravings, it’s naturally sweet, it’s a win/win!
  4. Eliminate Soda…Drink more WATER: Soda is full of sugar that is helping those sugar cravings thrive inside your body, so by ditching these and replacing with water you will not only help with those pesky sugar cravings but you will also notice a slimmer you!

Once you acknowledge the issue you will be able to set an attack plan and rid yourself of the toxic habit one step at a time.

All Messiness, Stacie