Daily Moodlifter: 5 Steps To Making It Count


“I wake up in the morning to my baby crying.  After 3 hours of sleep, I kind of feel like I’m dying.  I rush like a maniac to make it out on time, go to work for a few, then I am back in carline.  Drive home to do homework, supper and baths.  If hubby tries to get frisky, I’m just gonna laugh.”


No, this isn’t the latest sad country song, it’s my life…. it’s LOTS of people’s lives.  And it may not sound like it, but I really do love it. I don’t love every second of it (like you hear people say)… it’s hard work just getting through the day sometimes.  But how silly to spend more than 5 minutes complaining about blessings that so many people in this world will never have (you have to at least give yourself 5 minutes of complaining now and then).  And how ignorant that we have so much, but so much of the time just waste it, looking back year to year and saying, “Why didn’t I do….. “.

Whether you are married, do or don’t have kids, single, man, woman, etc… here are 5 tips to help you make your life count.

1.) Make a bucket list.  Really.  But make one every year, and give yourself that year to complete it.  You can list tasks as simple as planting your first garden, running a 5K, or as challenging as traveling to another country or running a marathon.  It doesn’t matter.  Just think of things that you’ve always wanted to do, and do them.  I did this 2 years ago and listed things like “plant my first garden; run a 1/2 marathon, etc.”  I did everything on my list, and I am so happy with what I accomplished.  Probably one of the healthiest, and best years of my life.  It’s past time for another list!


2.) Realize that accomplishing “X” is not going to make you happy forever.  You can’t just do “X” and stop.  Keep going.  Keep challenging yourself.  Happiness is not found in yesterday or tomorrow, but in today.  

3.) Read something inspirational.  I am constantly listening to motivational speakers (Anthony Robbins is my favorite), finding blogs that inspire me, or downloading audio books.  My latest download is “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Ruben.  Surrounding yourself with positive information makes it hard not to want to make your life, and your attitude, better.

happiness project

4.) Come up with a mantra for yourself.  Mine are, “If it doesn’t work, fix it”, and “I can be ugly when I’m 80”.  I know LOTS of 80 year olds who aren’t ugly, but my point is, I’m only going to be 30 something so long, I need to make the best of it.  You know… work out, eat right, fix my hair now and then, take off the mom sweats.  And “if it doesn’t work, fix it”… well, life it short.  Why would I keep doing the same thing over and over if it’s causing me, my friends, or my family discomfort and putting me a terrible mood.  Coming with simple statements to define you or your character encourage you to keep growing and to keep getting better!  “If it doesn’t work, fix it”, is what reminds me to get in the floor and play with my kids when they are acting out, and I can’t figure out why.  Sometimes we neglect ourselves, or the people we love most, not realizing what we are doing.  In this picture, the kids had been crazy, and I could tell they were SICK AND TIRED of my iphone.  I decided to just get on the bed where they were playing and hang out for a while.  Such a small thing, but it changed their attitude completely (and I promise I put the iphone down after we took this picture!!). They wanted to play, and really just wanted some attention. Figure out what is not working in your life, and fix it, or if it comes down to it, let it go.


5.) Find your purpose.  This sounds deep, but it’s really simple (kind of).  Americans make life SO COMPLICATED.  We have bogged ourselves down with responsibility, bills, time constraints, trying to “keep up”.  We are so busy doing all of this, never really feeling like we know what we are here for, and never really living in the present.  Finding your purpose deserves an entire separate post… but here are a few things I try to do: pray, listen to my body when I am making choices (am I stressed, happy, sad, elated, obsessed, etc,), journal first thing in the morning before all the other voices have gotten into my head, and filter out the stuff I know isn’t making me happy and I dread doing so that I am present when opportunity comes my way.  You can be doing things all day long that you hate doing for the good of others, and that is generous, and we all have to do things we don’t like doing.  But ask yourself how much of your time you are spending doing those things.  You have to be happy to truly make those around you happy.

Hope this helps start your Good Mood Monday off on the right foot!

All Moodiness,