Meet Up with T & S: Preparing for a Beach Get-A-Way


When most of us think of the beach, one word probably comes to mind SWIMSUITS, am I right? After that your mind probably starts to freak itself out and the fun of planning your beach vacay with your bestie or hubby/boyfriend is taken over by all the hot moody messy moments about having to put on the one thing that most ladies dread, a BIKINI! Trust when we say we have been there and we think it’s a normal thing for us gals, don’t care if you are 100lbs or 200lbs we all in some way shape or form have anxiety when it comes to this lovely fashion piece. Other thoughts that probably creep into your mind are “What the hell am I going to wear, must go shopping immediately”, “Well, guess I better starve myself and jump right into extreme diet mode, food it was good knowing ya” or even “ My thighs, my stomach, I gotta start exercising like a crazed out lunatic in order to be beach ready”. Sound familiar? Yes! well don’t worry T and I can relate. We have both had those “WTH was I thinking planning a trip that is focused on wearing only a teeny tiny bikini” moody messy moments.

hot moody mess

We just got back from Puerto Vallarta and we are here to help you prepare for that beach get-a-way before you have a moody messy breakdown and burn all your bikinis.

What is your favorite part of a beach vacay?
Stacie: I have so many, but it has to be relaxing on the beach, under the sun, with a cocktail in hand. But my favorite part about getting ready for the beach, is of course shopping for all my beach chic attire! (a girl can never have too many maxis and swimsuits, right?)
stacie drink

Tawny: If you’re talking about a beach vacation with no kids, well isn’t it obvious? Not being forced to a 6:00am wake up time where I am darting around the house like some sort of deranged woman trying to get my kids ready for the day. Instead sleeping in, drinking beer and pina coladas all day, laughing about college stories with my bestie (that I could NEVER tell in front of my kids), and all that good stuff. IF my kids are in tow, I love watching them splash in the water and play in the sand, as I frantically try to keep their pasty white skin slathered with sunscreen!

How do you prepare for vacay that you will be rocking swimsuits majority of the time:

Stacie: Well, in years past I was the girl that amped up my exercise and cut back on food, starvation mode basically (sounds healthy right?) but all that did was make me one HOT MESS. How I prepared for this trip basically kept up with my exercise routine but the week prior I did a juice cleanse (The Juice Bar Dallas) for 5 days. It’s great for your body and also helps me since I know I will splurge a little bit (ok tons) while on vacay. But I eat pretty clean as it is, so I can honestly say, I wasn’t as stressed as I normally am before hitting the beach!


Tawny: I always have the best intentions of going HARD CORE before a vacation. Unfortunately that didn’t happen this time, although I did follow some interval type training, never did more than 20 min. per day/ 4 days week, and looked pretty decent on the beach considering I have 3 kids and little exercise time these days. I am working on hard on making good food choices consistently, which helps avoid the pre-trip freak out. I will say this… when I went with Paxton to the Dominican 2 years ago 6 WEEKS after my 3rd baby, I did Turbo Fire (Chalene Johnson) and probably looked the best I had in years. Need to do that again!

What is the one exercise that you won’t go without doing, one that helps you rock those beach bikinis?

Stacie: Lunges, lunges and freaking more lunges. I can’t stress enough how much I LOVE lunges, mostly because what they do for my legs and butt! They are great for toning your legs and lifting your booty, gives you that great beach bum perfect for that bikini you will be rocking. I do 300 every other day, with 150 on the other days. Start with doing them with no weights and then gradually add in free weights, 5lbs to start with.

stacie window

Tawny: Push-ups… I love having a strong upper body. But I NEED the lunges and squats more than anything else… just harder to make myself do them. I also love plank position…. So strengthening! I am really into these “at home” interval workouts. Especially with my husband as my workout partner! Here is our go to workouts for when you don’t have tons of time but want to have a sweat session!

workout beach

Ok, let’s chat about shopping. What is the one thing you can’t go without when you are headed to the beach?

Stacie: Let me start off by saying the one thing that I love most about beach vacations is the fact they are so casual, you don’t have to pack like you would if you were headed to Vegas or Miami. So my style is definitely boho chic. Maxi’s are a must and I brought a couple of fun dresses from Show Me Your MuMu- I love them ( oh and don’t forget your wedges. I normally only bring wedges when headed to the beach and flip flops, heals don’t scream boho chic to me, nor beach friendly!

tawny and stacie mumu

Tawny: I don’t know if I have as much of a distinct “style”… I just like cute outfits that fit well. I’m pretty casual, but I can bring it up a notch. I’m short, so I if I do flowy up top I need to be fitted on top, and vice versa. I’m into my bright cropped pants and lots of color blocking. I love wedges, especially these bright orange BCBG wedges I found at such a great price before our trip. I found BCBG, Steve Madden, and Jessica Simpson, all at TJ Maxx so CHEAP (and so cute!). And then of course there is Victoria Secret. I stocked up on a couple new swimsuits… I kind of love the ruched bottoms because they don’t cut the circulation off my rear end, and they have the most adorable cover-ups this year. My sea foam lacey cover up was my favorite. Kind of felt like lingerie, but I got tons of compliments on this easy breezy piece. Also, I try to do the fedora, but it’s really not my style as much as a fun, blinged out trucker cap.

t truck beach

What is your travel attire?

Stacie: Maxis- either maxi dress with a denim jacket or fun long sleeved flowy top or a maxi skirt with the same concept, with either wedges or flip flops. I have to be comfy when I am on airplane and also shuffling my luggage around through the airport. (have you ever tried hauling your own luggage through the airport in heels? Let me tell you it’s no bueno, so wedges or flip flops for me) Oh and I never leave home without a pair of chunky socks; my feet are always cold on planes.

s & t patio

Tawny: I can go either way, and I’m a fan of the maxi, too. But this year I branched out with a bright yellow top, pink skinnies, turquoise wedges, and a cropped denim jacket. I woke everyone in the airport UP! Paxton said I would fit in well in Mexico!

So what’s your beach cocktail of choice?

Stacie: Well, no surprise here it’s either a mimosa or Corona Light

Tawny: I’m a beer girl, too, but I was loving “sex on the beach” this year.
tawny drink

What’s one piece of advice you would give us who are headed to the beach?

Stacie: Don’t make yourself into a hot moody mess prior to leaving. Eat healthy and workout for YOURSELF and nobody else. Once you get to the airport, let all those messy moody moments that you have stressed about go and enjoy the your trip. Don’t stress about your body, be confident and don’t stress about the calories of the food and/or drinks you will be consuming. Its vacation…have fun!

staie hot moody mess

Tawny: I agree! I’ve had one too many vacations that went WRONG because I hated what I brought to wear, I hated my body, and I just stressed over the small stuff. This time we both let it go better than we ever have, and I think we had more fun than we ever had! And thank you, Stacie for forcing me to have this little photo shoot on the beach!  You know I don’t do this kind of thing, and I’m glad we did!


All Moodiness and Messiness,
Tawny and Stacie