Daily MoodLifter: Organization Doesn’t Have to be Perfect


I decided to make today’s moodlifter about organization because organization, or lack thereof, makes me moodier than just about anything! ARGHH! As a mom you spend an entire day putting it away, making it look “together”, and smiling as you see the results. Then your kids walk in from school, throw their bags on the floor, kick their shoes across the room, rearrange their bedrooms (cause that’s what 4 year olds do), and begin hoarding whatever they can scrounge up under their beds. As a single person, I think you can still be your own worst enemy (I was single once, after all).

SO… what to do. First of all, chill out. It’s gonna happen. Little kids want to play, move things around, pretend, “build” their own houses, play dress-up, etc. So instead of eliminating the problem, let’s learn to work with it.

1.) Give yourself a few days between. Don’t bust your tail daily to feel like you have to do it all over again the next day. That’s frustrating. Take a deep breath in, out, and let it go for just a few days. That doesn’t mean you should let it get to the point that nothing short of a bulldozer can salvage your space, but just prioritize.

2.) It doesn’t have to be “pretty” or expensive. Yes, pretty helps, but it’s not necessary. This picture makes me feel like a FAILURE. And poor. I can see dropping hundreds, or thousands, to make a room look like this. photo

I love it, I want it, but I have to face that if I am waiting for my life to look like this, I’m gonna be waiting a while. So, here’s how to make organization cheap and easy. Use bins in your pantry. I have bins for my tea boxes, my rice and pasta, my baking goods, etc. I have a bin that I dump all the dry snacks in after a grocery store so my kids know EXACTLY where to look. No, all the bins don’t match because I do my best to use what I have. As a side note, if I were starting from scratch I would match them. But the bins help everyone in the house to know where certain items go when they are putting them away, or where to look when they’re helping you in the kitchen. It keeps everything from getting so “spread out” and losing it’s place.

IMG_1130 IMG_1132

3.) You’re not a scrapbooker… so what?! Just because you’re not a scrapbooker doesn’t mean you can’t document your kids’ childhood. Here is what has worked for me: #1. I keep a large but short plastic tub in each of their closets or under their beds that I only put their special keepsakes in. Think about what they are going to enjoy seeing when they are 32. You do NOT have to keep everything to show them that you love them. Within the tubs I also try to organize art, report cards, etc. in gallon plastic baggies labeled by age or grade. #2. I try to blog as soon as anything special happens, and at the end of the year I print the blog through blog2book.com. It is AWESOME!! I have 3 of them so far and everyone loves to see them. Those will be great keepsakes for my kids.

IMG_1289 IMG_1290blog2book

4.) When it’s time to clean and tidy up, be smart about it. In your mind, organize the task. I looked at this room and wanted to run the other way, or throw up because I was pretty sure rats had taken up residence. So I gathered my thoughts. I gave myself a time limit so I had a goal. Then I decided to move everything that didn’t belong into the hall and had the boys drag it all to the playroom. I then went to the trash and walked around the room with a trash bag, then onto the clothes, etc. It just went much smoother when I conquered one task at a time.

IMG_1283 IMG_1286 IMG_1288 IMG_1292Remember, breath, and one step at a time.

All Moodiness, Tawny