Chronicles of a Hairy Woman


I will hesitate before actually publishing this post… I mean, seriously, not a very attractive subject.  But, I have to believe that there are millions of women experiencing these same moody feelings daily, so I’ll drudge on.  Follow along for my sad, hairy story, and for some smooth skin tips.

At some point in time, I’m sure being a hairy woman was considered a real sign of beauty.  Can we go back to that?  I was standing in the shower contemplating this matter the first night we arrived in Taos for our family vacation.  Earlier that day I realized while checking myself out in the passenger mirror that my facial hair had grown out to about a quarter inch.  Thank goodness it’s blonde… But still.  I made a mental note to grab some Nair when we made our grocery stop and hoped my husband wouldn’t notice me glistening in the sun (yes… I still worry about things like that after several years of marriage).  So, as I tried to sneak the hair removal session, I stunk up the condo with my burning facial hair, then jumped into the shower.  To add insult to injury, I realized my armpit hair had mysteriously climbed halfway down my ribcage in the past 3 days (slight exaggeration). I knew razor burn was looming because of the cheap razors I was forced to buy after leaving my good one at home.

I don’t know if anyone who knows me would tell you I’m hairy.  I’m just vain enough to shave and “Nair” myself diligently, but I’m not quite vain enough to wax or make time for professional treatments.  So here are my cheap and easy tips:

1.) USE A GOOD RAZOR!  This is a must, and the extra $$ on razor refills is well worth it.  My choice is Gillette Fusion… I never get razor burn since switching to this razor.


2.) If you have problems with razor burn or bumps on your legs, your skin may be sensitive.  Cut out the tooty fruity smelling lotion, and stick to something basic and unscented like Cetaphil or Aveeno lotion.


3.) Same with shaving creams… sometimes I just use Cetaphil wash.

4.) Try Nair for facial hair. Please don’t shave your face.  Gross.  I found Nair for sensitive skin a few years ago and have been spreading it on ever since.  It really does work… at least for me.


5.) Last but not least, don’t count on your crappy bathroom lighting to tell you that your overgrown.  Check yourself out in a mirror outdoors or in your car… that’s always the true test!

6.) Oh, and one place you may want more hair: eyelashes.  No prescription?  You can try LiLash or another over the counter.  It does work, but the LiLash does make my eyelids red and sometimes irritated.  Worth it.. I don’t know.  Haven’t had any serious or real side effects other than the redness that goes away when not using.


Oh, and ps… Don’t try to cover up bikini razor burn with make-up.  Believe me, it’s hard to color match- I’ve tried.

All Moodiness, Tawny