Feeling down? Join the community!


Did you vote, or did you opt out? How do you feel about your choice? Maybe you feel disappointed that your candidate didn’t win. Maybe you feel excited that he did. This isn’t a post about politics, but more so about the positive impact of community involvement.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, you probably felt like you were apart of something greater than yourself if you voted. That boosted my confidence and feelings of acceptance for most of the day yesterday. After voting, I suddenly felt a wave of excitement at the thought of hearing the results come in, and knowing I could cheer or cry with other Americans without feeling guilty.

That being said, there have been years when I didn’t vote. And over the winner’s term, I always felt guilty if I made a negative comment. I even felt a little weird about watching the results election night. These feelings are not uppers… They are definite downers!!!

This mood lift of being involved is not limited to politics… Thank Goodness! Going to church lifts me like no other, and when we have missed several Sundays, I can feel the difference. Being involved in my kids’ schools used to intimidate me. I felt I didn’t “fit in” with other moms. But after putting myself in that uncomfortable spot enough times, I now love it. I love getting to know people, feeling like I can make a positive impact, and building my children’s confidence that they can count on me. Same with running marathons or 1/2 marathons. Kind of intimidating at first, but running with so many people eager to take care of their bodies is so inspiring and can give you such a high! Blogging even gives you a connectedness!

Sometimes it feels more comfortable to stay home, put on sweats, and watch lifetime. Do that, sometimes. But life is too short not to live, and you can learn so much about living by putting yourself out there, even if it’s hard at first.

Oh, and next election, vote 🙂

All moodiness, Tawny


Picture taken from: http://www.ronnadetrick.com/virtual-community-rocks/