My House WAS making me Moody!


Moving Walls= Expensive; Painting Walls= Cheap.  What do you think we did?  Yes, we had a dream of buying this little ranch style house and totally overhauling, but sometimes appraisals just don’t come in the way we want them to.  So, we gathered our thoughts and decided we could definitely be comfortable here, but we had to perk it up a bit.  EVERYTHING WAS BROWN.  Trim, doors, cabinets, flooring… you name it, it was brown.  And not rich, beautiful, dark custom brown.  More like ugly 1980’s brown that wasn’t cool then and isn’t cool now.  I’m sad because my phone that had all of my before pictures took a swim in my coffee, so I had to find a kind of lookalike online.  Minus the wood paneling (ours just had brown chair rail everywhere), the style, cabinetry, trim color, etc. was very close to what our house looked like before (taken from

Here are some of the after pics.  I really do believe your environment plays a part in how you feel and how inspired you are day to day.  I was looking at lots of tired, heavy colors, and I was feeling tired and heavy.  So in the makeover I used a lot of blues, grays, and added some white.  I love how reflective everything is!  I didn’t get pics of the boys’ rooms yet, and I actually love their rooms, so I’ll have to add later.  I splurged on kitchen lighting at pottery barn and lowes, and we made our existing cabinets works by painting them a fun, yet calming color then glazing.  I LOVE our crystal pulls, and they did a lot to pull the granite and cabinets together!  We had Channing’s furniture painted a shade lighter than her room walls, and then glazed.  She loves zebra, but I wanted to get away from B&W, so we found this cool and colorful zebra print picture at Land of Nod, which is also where I found her pink and white drapes.  I had to have them the minute I saw them… they were exactly what I wanted. Also a BIG job, but so worth it, is updating interior doors and hardware!  Huge difference!  Everyone who comes over comments on them.  The point is, I can’t help but be a little happier when I walk into our fresh new digs, even though it really wasn’t that big of a project (it seemed big at the time, though!).  Now we get to start on the exterior!  Maybe next year!

All Moodiness, Tawny