What Matters… and What Doesn’t


Happy Thursday. Today is a good day to figure out what you’re focusing on that DOESN’T MATTER, and start focusing on what does. You know I keep my posts kind of personal and this one is no different.

Yesterday was not a good day for me. No real reason, and I think we all have days like that. And it feels they last forever, and sometimes those bad days do stretch out a while. It always helps me to put a halt to a bad stretch when I get up and work out HARD the next morning. So while I was working out, it came to me. All the things I was letting get to me really don’t matter, and when I focus on those things all the things that do matter are discounted. And my kids, my husband, my friends… they suffer because I am focusing on what DOESN’T MATTER. Here is my list of what matters and what doesn’t. Substitute all your own “matters” here, but this was a big moodlifter for me today!

What doesn’t matter: That Maddox (almost 2 year old) has woken up at 6:00am every morning screaming his head off, and that he’s fighting naps daily.

What does matter: That he sleeps all night, that we cuddle when he doesn’t nap, and most of all, that he’s a healthy and happy kid.

What doesn’t matter: That I was cooped up for the past 4 days with my husband away and my sick 7 year old baby girl.

What does matter: She’s better now, he’s home now, and WOW is he a fantastic husband, dad, and helper when he is here!

What doesn’t matter: That I’ve gained 5 lbs. in the past 3 weeks.

What does matter: That I eat healthy foods and exercise daily so that I feel and look my best. I had a fresh beet salad yesterday, and I gotta say, I am new fan of beets!

What doesn’t matter: That I feel I can’t keep up with all my s&*%.

What does matter: That I plan, prioritize, manage my time, and don’t sweat the small stuff! No one is perfect, and we are all entitled to a bad day here and there!

What doesn’t matter: That my parents are not always who I want or think they should be, or the grandparents I wish they were.

What does matter: They are in my life, I can talk to them about anything, and I wouldn’t be here without them. They love my kids, and they love me.

What doesn’t matter: Those wrinkles around my mouth making me MOODY!

What matters: That I remember to laugh EVERY DAY with my kids, or at their silly jokes πŸ™‚

All moodiness, Tawny