Enjoy it While it’s Here


“I’m so ready for cooler weather!” “Geez, I’m so sick of winter!” “I’m so tired of holiday crowds!”. Do any of these sound familiar? Do you ever feel like you are wishing your life away? One thing I have loved about my 30’s is that I’m finally seeing the bigger picture. I see HOW FAST time really does fly. But I’m still guilty of lacking satisfaction in what I have. I’ve mentioned that we’ve moved a lot over the past 5 years. I found myself saying, “I’d love the holidays if only we were settled and I could really decorate”. Really??!! That’s what would make me love the holidays? If you’re like me, try enjoying the little things. Feel the cool, crisp air of fall, get outdoors, light a spicy candle, heat some cinnamon sticks on your cooktop, cook some comfort food. Don’t wish for the next season when there’s so much to love about the one we are in. Last week I just craved the sunshine and nice glass of red wine. So that’s what I did… I encouraged the kids to play outdoors, and I read and drank in the sunshine. And that was in the middle of the week! Such a nice treat, and a cozy way to welcome the fall!
All moodiness, Tawny