What Does Age Have To Do With It?


This post is a fitness and daily moodlifter all in one. I was driving to work this morning and happen to notice a runner while I was at a stop light. And when I say runner, I don’t mean your typical speedy Gonzales one, rather a fast walk/jogger one. It was a man probably around 80 years old. I got caught up watching him that I barely heard the lady behind me honking her horn at me and giving me a not so nice hand gesture ( I am sure you all get the hint). As I drove off, I just couldn’t help to think how inspiring it was to see a man of his age up, doing cardio…even though it wasn’t the fastest his body is still allowing him to do these things. Which got me thinking, that we all might complain and dread our daily workouts but just thinking about what I am doing now, fitness related, the food I eat to nourish my body will one day pay off, when I am that 80-year-old and (God willing) still able to do all the favorite activities I did when I was younger.

So if you haven’t got your 30 minutes of heart pumping cardio in today, get up and get going. What are you waiting for? If an 80-year-old man can do it….you can do it. No matter what your circumstance is, go for a walk, do something that will get your heart rate up and when you are done, eat some whole grains and veggies to reward your body. Remember: What we do now to our body will affect us when we are older, so start making positive changes now. We only get one body, so be sure to be “kind” to it!


All Messiness, Stacie