More Tips for Home Workouts!


Happy Good Mood Thursday!  I love the Fall for many reasons, and one of those reasons is the new TV line-up!  I have some shows I’m just really digging, but with work, kids, and life, there is not a lot of time.  So I use my morning workouts as the perfect excuse when I don’t go outside to run.  The problem is, it can get boring doing the same old same old.  So, here is how I switch it up:

Helpful Hints: *Watch shows you love and that have HOT actors while you exercise!  Very motivating, and helps time fly!  *If you have kids, get up before everyone else so you can exercise in peace and watch what you want!

Day 1: Brooke Burke workout muted on laptop.  She has 2 workouts you can purchase on itunes, and they are both AWESOME for toning, especially a post baby body.  Each is about an hour.  I’m not her spokesperson, I have just seen results 🙂 .

Day 2: Out for a run and stretch.  IF it’s still dark, sometimes I just run up and down my street.

Day 3: A workout circuit such as the one featured at the top of this post.  You can always find variations online.

Day 4: Back to Brooke.  She’s hot (again, the motivation factor) and her workout is good, plus it’s easy to mute and still follow along.

Day 5: Run

Day 6 and 7…. optional.  Get out and play with kids!  Jump on the trampoline!  Play soccer!  Keep it simple and fun!

All Moodiness, Tawny