Ginger apple smoothie


I love ginger! And I know fresh is always better, but these days healthy convenience is everything. So I found these little herb tubes in the produce section. All natural, no pesticides or preservatives, and great for recipes. I even add the ginger to my lemon or cucumber water sometimes. I was getting tired of my same old smoothies, so I tried this variation. Pretty good! Here are the ingredients… But I do a lot of eye balling!
-Water (little less than 1/2 blender pitcher)
-Handful of Baby kale or any other green leaf veggie
– 3 Green apples
– 3 or 4 stalks celery
– Add ripe banana 2 tbsp. ginger after other ingredients are blended.

This should make around 4 smoothies. My husband and I each have 1 that morning then save the other 2 for the next day. Happy blending!

All moodiness, Tawny