Hot Mom Fashion (you don’t have to be a mom!)


Kate Hudson is just one of my favorite, easy, breezy celebrities.  And lately it seems like Nicole Richie always looks good, like she’s just goin’ with the flow.  I look at their pics and think: “I wanna be a cool mom like that!”.  I’m not saying I think the lives of celebrities are perfect or that they have it all together, but when it comes fashion, we all look there for motivation.  It’s easy to fall into these traps once you have kids, so let’s see what we can learn from them:

1.) I don’t have enough time.  Yes, it’s hard to find time for yourself once you have kids.  But noone said being put together means you have to have clean, straight hair, or a perfectly manicured look.  Get the “I didn’t even have to try” vibe going with a comfy yet cute outfit, twisted up hair, and minimal make-up:

2.) It’s not comfortable to look cute!  Well, first of all, it doesn’t hurt to suffer every now and then.  Yes, my feet kill me when I wear heels because I’m not used to them anymore, but I like gaining those extra inches once in a while, they make your legs look great, and you just feel put together.  But come on, we all know you can buy comfy clothes that still look good.  Sometimes we just have to learn how to do that.  Look to these girls for a very laid back, yet put together look. 


3.) I can’t show any skin… I’m a MOM now.  Seriously, you’re not dead.  If you believe in modesty for your own reasons, then I totally respect that.  And I’m all for setting a good example for our kids.  But just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to dress like an old maid.  You can be tasteful, yet a little sexy at the same time.  Just don’t push it too far unless you want to send the wrong message to your kids (and the dads of their friends!).  And when you get a night away from the kids, especially kick it up a notch.  Your significant other still wants you to be sexy… kids or no kids!  

Obviously this pic of Kate is a little extreme since it was a Bazaar photo shoot, but you get the picture.  You can still be a mom and smokin’ hot at the same time! 

All Moodiness, Tawny