Green Tea Bags, Give Your Skin a Boost


Green tea is not only a great way to help shed those unwanted pounds but it can also be used to give your skin a boost and fight puffy eyes, wrinkles and acne. Here’s how:

  1. Under Eye Circles: puffy eyes are the worst. Whether it’s because you stayed up late working, have insomnia, didn’t sleep much cause the kiddos wouldn’t let you or were out on the town (my #1 cause), puffy eyes are not good on anyone, not matter how they got there.  Sure you can reach for the expensive eye creams (some may work, others are a waste of your money) or you can save yourself some mula and use your used tea bags to fix the problem. That’s right; tea bags can help you get rid of the puffy eyes ladies! Put your used tea bags in the fridge for 10-15minutes or you can let it cool down for about a half hour, but I prefer the coolness on my eyes, feels heavenly. Take the tea bag and place over your eyes for 10-15minutes.  Caffeinated tea bags do work the best since they have caffeine and EGCG (another anti-inflammatory).

  1. Under Eye Wrinkles- just like with the puffy eyes, do the same process, put in fridge for 10-15minutes, place over eyes for 10-15minutes and voila it’s magic, under eye wrinkles shrink before your eyes!
  2. Acne- Acne is a pesky little problem that most of us, from time to time face. But no need to buy expensive acne treatments, just use your tea bags.  Wipe your face with the warm tea bag before tossing it in the trash, easy as that. Besides being a great natural cleanser, the strong anti-bacterial properties of green tea are very effective in killing acne bacteria and preventing new outbreaks.

All Messiness, Stacie